BBC Religion and Ethics – Thought provoking videos, podcasts and news articles

Everyday Ethics podcast from the BBC – A new programme every week

Critical Thinking Videos – Exploring the logical connections between ideas

The Edge – ‘The world’s smartest website.’ Some of the world’s greatest minds ask each other questions

EpistemeLinks: Philosophy resources on the internet – Lists resources by subject areas

Guide to Philosophy on the net – A comprehensive guide with lots of links behind the menu

ipl2 Philosophy – United States service. Features a searchable subject categorized directory of authoritatve websites; links to online texts, newspapers, magazines, podcasts etc. Search by subject

Logical Fallacies – Errors in reasoning. A long list of logical fallacies including explanations – Resources arranged by topic with a sidebar on the left giving more detailed headings

The problems of philosophy – Online version of Bertrand Russell’s book

Theory of knowledge – Written by Bertrand Russell for the Encyclopaedia Britannica in 1926

Prospect – A British magazine that has some free articles, a blog and podcasts

Royal Institute of Philosophy – Includes a blog full of interesting bits and pieces

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy – Search by table of contents or by search term

Ted: ideas worth spreading – ‘Riveting talks by remarkable people’. Search by topic, genre or person

TOK notes – A site with lots in it. Explore the tab menu along the top of the page, in particular, Areas of Knowing, Ways of Knowing, Resources and Philosophy. – Includes videos, links and topical articles

Theory of Knowledge – A general introduction and explanation of general concepts. Great for explaining philosophical terminology. Navigation on left.

TPM: The Philosophers’ Magazine – Gives access to essays, podcasts, games, ideas, interviews and articles.