Academic honesty

Pupils at St Leonards aspire to all aspects of the Learner Profile. As such, pupils are expected to be principled as to their own and others’ work and are held accountable and responsible for their actions.

The following actions constitute a breach of our Academic Honesty policy:



  • Presenting someone else’s work, words or ideas as your own. This includes paraphrasing, changing the word order, substituting words and translating from one language into another
  • Cutting and pasting, including from the internet, without the proper acknowledgement or appropriate reference
  • Failure to give credit to the work of print and online authors by not referencing their work in your own
  • Claiming work as your own which is not ie. work which has been created, either partly or wholly, by someone else. This applies to all work such as essays, artwork, calculations and prep
  • Taking someone else’s work and using it for your own without their permission

Falsifying information

  • Falsifying quotations, citations or data


  • Arranging for someone else to do your work for you
  • Working with other people when told to work on your own

Duplication of work

  • Copying someone else’s work, with or without their permission, to hand in
  • Swapping parts of work with another pupil to hand in

Tests and exams

  • Starting before instructed and continuing to work when the time is up
  • Looking at someone else’s work
  • Giving answers to someone else
  • Communicating with other people during the test/exam by talking, texting, signalling, ect.
  • Taking in revision notes, phones, calculators on purpose or by mistake
  • Seeing test/exam papers in advance
  • Removing papers from the exam room


  • Lying
  • Stealing
  • Selling your own work or test papers
  • Damaging someone else’s work
  • Behaving in a way that makes it difficult or impossible for another pupil to do their work
  • Assisting someone else to behave in any of the above ways or covering up for them after the fact